Pitra Dosh Puja in Ujjain

A person who is facing constant failures in spite of the best efforts and seems to be permanently doomed to the failure might be suffering from pitra dosh based on the horoscope. It appears in the horoscope at the time of the birth. It is also found when a dead ancestor is not able to cut ties to the person still alive. The person afflicted with the Pitra dosh finds a lot of hardship and difficulties in life and success and happiness are impossible for such a person. The pitra dosh also happens when the souls of the ancestors who failed to get salvation Produce the harmful impact on the living descendants.

The person can easily get the indication of the Pitra dosh if he or she is constantly facing health issues despite the best treatment, professional issues, loss of property and parenthood issues.

The pitra dosh puja is performed by Acharya Ashish to help such a person get rid of hardships and difficulties in life. The pitra dosh puja brings the sense of harmony to the life and efforts of the person to get success and move ahead in life produce desired results. The pitra dosh puja also reduces negative energy of the pitra dosh, improves the financial position of the person, give relief from health problems, and bring peace of mind. The pitra dosh puja pleases the deceased ancestors and releases a living person from their harmful impact.

The auspicious time to perform pitra dosh puja is no moon day i.e. Amavasya day or Saturday. The Pitra dosh puja at Ujjain is performed as per the Vedic traditions and rituals.In addition to pitra dosh, the services are also performed for Mangal Dosh Puja, Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja, and Baglamukhi Puja in the Ujjain.

The pitra dosh puja in Ujjain,Acharya Ashish has its own place as Ujjain is one of the seven holy cities for Hindus. It is also considered as the best place to have the pitra dosh puja performed. The services of the experienced pandit ji for pitra dosh puja in Ujjain are also provided online where the client only has to mention the name and gotra for getting online puja.

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