Pukhraj Stone Price in Delhi

The Pukhraj also known as yellow sapphire, is associated with Jupiter, the Guru. It is considered very powerful stone in the astrology. Every person can wear it as it does not have any side effects. it ensures good life, career, education, marriage life and children. The pukhraj is suggested to the person who has weak jupiter, which results in delay marriage, lack of proper education, lack of job security, unhappy married life and delay in birth of children. And people having emotional issues can also wear the Pukhraj.

The actual Pukhraj stone price in Delhi which is called yellow sapphire in English, depends on the color, transparency, cutting style and its luster. A quality pukhraj should have the oval, rectangular, round or cushion shape, though oval and cushion are desirable shapes. The cost of the pukhraj also depends on type and density of inclusions. The Pukhraj which has less inclusions has higher transparency, and hence commands higher price in the market. But the person buying the pukhraj for astrological purpose must understand that the nature of the inclusions also hold importance. The inclusion of black spots cracks and knots reduce the quality of the gemstone and these inclusion are considered negative in astrology.the consultation and Advice of the Astrologer Archarya Ashish are the only way to ensure that yellow stone you are wearing is genuine .

Currently the price of the yellow sapphire starts from 2000 INR per carat and can go up to 50,000 INR per carat in delhi. Any sapphire below 2000 INR per carat should not be considered as it may be of low quality with black spots cracks etc. The client must also be wary of a quality sapphire that comes at low price as it may be either synthetic or used one.

The best course for the person who wants to buy a pukhraj is to take the services of the experienced astrologer and get all necessary details for buying the quality pukhraj. The consultations with an experienced astrologer Archarya Ashish are important to get the full astrological benefits of the pukhraj. The services of the experienced pandit ji Archarya Ashish are also provided online where the client only has to mention the name and gotra for product abhimantran.

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